CM30 elektrischen 12v Capacitance Annäherungssensorschalter

Zhejiang, China (Festland)
Der Verbrauch Sensor
Capacitance Sensor
Switching Transducer
Output current:
Response frequency:
Shell material:
metal/ABS resin
Insulation resistance:
Protection grade:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Week sensor switch 12v
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CM30 elektrischen 12v Capacitance Annäherungssensorschalter


Features of sensor switch 12v

Compact volume
high precision of repeated location
Diversified exterior structures
Good performance of anti-interference.
Many output forms
High on-off frequency.
Wide voltage range
Dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof.
With short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection.
Long service life

Model explanation of proximity switch 12v

1. Switch category(LM: inductance type; CM: capactitance type;SM:Hall type; AM:safety explosion-proof type; XM: mimic linear type)

2. Outward appearance code(C: Cylinder type; F: Angular column type and planeinstallation type)

3. Betriebsspannung(30: 6-36VDC; 310: 5-24VDC; 320: 12-60VDC; 20:90-250VAC; 210: 24-250VAC;220: 380VAC; 40: 12-240VDC/24-240AC; 50: Special voltage)

4. Detection distance( 01: 1Millimeter; 05:5Millimeter; 10:10Millimeter)

5. Output method (N: Three-line DC NPN output;P: Three-line DC PNP output;

L: Two-line DC output; AC two-wire output;J: Relay output;NP: NPN+PNP output)

6. Output status(EIN: NO; B: NC; C: NO+NC; MU: Mimic voltage; MI: Mimic current)

7. Auxi function code(T: With connector; und: Water proof, oil proof; ich: Special requirement;

H: High temp resistance; R: Ring type)

Technical specs

Model NO. Detection distance Working voltage Ausgabe Flush
Form Zustand
CM30-3010NA 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NO Flush
CM30-3010NB 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NC Flush
CM30-3010NC 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Flush
CM30-3010PA 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NO Flush
CM30-3010PB 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NC Flush
CM30-3010PC 0 -10Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Flush
CM30 -2010A 0 -10Millimeter AC90-250V SCR Control lable silicon NO Flush
CM30-2010B 0 -10Millimeter AC90-250V SCR Control lable silicon NC Flush
CM30-3015NA 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NO Non-flush
CM30-3015NB 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NC Non-flush
CM30-3015NC 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V NPN NO+NC Non-flush
CM30-3015PA 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NO Non-flush
CM30-3015PB 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NC Non-flush
CM30-3015PC 0 -15Millimeter DC6-36V PNP NO+NC Non-flush
CM30 -2015A 0 -15Millimeter AC90-250V SCR Control lable silicon NO Non-flush
CM30-2015B 0 -15Millimeter AC90-250V SCR Control lable silicon NC Non-flush


Inductance type

LM5 LM6 LM8 LM8-T LM12 LM12-T LM18 LM18-T LM30 LM30-T LMF1 LMF2 LMF3 LMF11 LMF37 LMF340 PR08 PR12 PR18 PR30 E2E-2 E2E-X4 E2E-X5 E2E-X8 E2E-X10 E2E-X18
Capacitance type

CM12 CM18 CM30 CMF37 E2K
Hall type

SM8 SM12 SM18
Mimic linear type

XM12 XM18 XM30 XMF37 XMF38
Ultrasonic type

UB400 UB500 UB1000 UB1500 UB2000
Safety explosion-proof type

AM8 AM12 AM18 AM30
Reed type

Photoelectric type

G12 G15 G16 G18 G30 G50 G63 G139
Color mark and Area secure type BZJ-211 BZJ-311 BZJ-411 BZJ-511 KS-C2 Z3N-TB22 GM20 GM40

Verpackung & Versand


Yueqing Winston Electric Co., GmbH. is not only an exporting company but also a professional manufacturer in China. We have our own production base. The products we professionally deal with are switching power supplies, sensors, relays, voltage stabilizers, AC contactors, circuit breakers, distribution boxes, industrial plugs & sockets and others. Since we are a manufacturer & exporter, we are sure that we can best support our customers with high-quality products and the most competitive prices.

Our company is located in Wenzhouthe Electric Capital of China. We specialize in developing, manufacturing and distributing low voltage & high voltage electrical products. Wir sind ein ISO9001:2000 certified company.

We have obtained many certificates, such as CCC, EG, CB, GS and RoHS. Stability, expertise and technological innovation are the core stones of our business strategy. Aiming at reliable product quality and the highest customer satisfaction, we are consistently deepening enterprise inner reform and fully carry out a quality guarantee system.

With special cultivation of employees, high investment on production facilities and R&D as well as a wide range of products, we advocatetechnology innovation, business honesty and trust and quality firstas our basic principle, trying to develop into a world-class electrical manufacturer with constant efforts.

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